Define the Individual Quantities of a two component system (scaling up / down)

The total mix contains 226 Kg as calculated.
We need to know the individual quantities: how much 10T90 to degas & how much MOCA to melt.
This is done using a simple proportion sum:  (often referred to as scaling the quantities up or down.)

Desired mass     x    Mass of individual resin
  Total mass  


Where     Total mass =  112.54 Kg   (fixed mix ratio total)
Desired mass  =  226 Kg 

(1)  Calculate mass of 10T90

Desired mass    x    Mass of 10T90
Total mass      
 =  226              x    100
 =   200.82 Kg 10T90

(2)  Calculate mass of MOCA

Desired mass       x     Mass of MOCA
Total mass
 226      x   12.54
=   25.18 Kg MOCA

Always double-check your calculation: 

Mass of 10T90  +  Mass of MOCA  =  Desired mass of casting
200.82 Kg +  25.18 Kg =   226   Kg      

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