Density Adjustments

Density adjustments

 One cannot automatically interchange values for volume and mass.
In the same way that 1 Kg of feathers (mass) and 1 Kg of cement (mass) will not occupy the same volume, one cannot say that 1 Kg resin will be the same a 1 litre of resin.
The only exception is if the density = 1.

(This excludes any situation where there are bubbles or voids.)



Density of resin:  1.2
Mould volume:  1.0 litres
Therefore, mass = density x volume
                          = 1.2 x 1
                          = 1.2 Kg

If the mould volume is 49.567 litres, the mass of resin would be
                           = 1.2 x 49.567
                           = 59.480 Kg


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