Ultraskin Rock Consolidation

ULTRASKIN is a Thin Skin Lining (TSL) designed specifically for the consolidation of stressed rock structures associated with mining to prevent unravelling of the strata and the associated risks presented from falling ground. It also has potential use as a non-flammable/non-combustable coating  for various other substrates.

ULTRASKIN  is a two component elastomeric material that is applied by compressed air. The product is extremely flexible with good elongation and high tensile strength. Adhesion is outstanding to even moist surfaces. 60 % of the product physical properties are achieved in 2 hours although the gel time is measured in seconds.

Advantages of ULTRASKIN :

  1. High tensile strength – capable of holding together under extreme loading conditions
  2. Good elongation – does not fail catastrophically but yields under load
  3. Outstanding adhesion – bonds to all (rock) surfaces
  4. Low smoke toxicity – does not emit highly toxic fumes (Refer to Snowden report for details)
  5. Does not support combustion – does not burn on its own
  6. Simple technology – no expensive equipment requiring expertise
  7. No handling of the raw materials – no requirement to be handled other than the connecting containers
  8. Solvent free – therefore no flammable volatiles

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